EP Launch – That Was Fun…


Hello again,

Firstly, a big thanks to everyone who came along on Friday night and stayed very late (in London terms) after the football gloom. Hope you managed to make it home in a not too inconvenient way. It was doubly great and nerve-wracking to see you all!

Thanks again to our fine friends who supported on the evening, Kat Flint and The Shipwreckers (Nick and Andy) and Marty from The Croshaw Family assisted by Will and Malc.

In the midst of arranging everything over the past couple of months it’s been pretty easy to forget that it was also our first live outing with our drummer Jo, so welcome to the band Jo! No sign of any drum solos in the offing but we may have to work something in there to make it worth his while… perhaps a twee thrash metal phase is just around the corner.

Thirdly, as it was our launch night – the EP is now out and about. You can have a listen/look online here, and if it grabs your fancy also purchase it digitally or in the limited edition old-fashioned physical Cd format with mini-vinyl type Cd’s. Special mention and thanks must go to Rafi Romaya for designing the artwork and badges which were manufactured in a ridiculously short turnaround time by Wee Badgers, thanks Amanda for that!

Finally, thanks again to you for coming along and making a great night.