Fuzzystar + Tongue Trap + Superinuit = good times



How are you? It’s been a while. The recording is done. We’re now ready for it to see the light of day. First things first – a new show. We’ll be playing at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on March 30th.

On the bill are Tongue Trap – a rrriot-girl punk combo, 7ahead described them as “Edgy, guitar-driven and wonderfully unconventional” – check ’em out below! Also on the bill is the fantastic Brian Pokora, aka Superinuit, expect ambient electronics and possibly a cheeky Ivor Cutler sample.

Facebook event.
Tickets are available now here.

That’s about it for now but there’ll more news soon. If you want to hear it first, you can get it via our electronic emaily thingamajig.