Standon / Edinburgh gig next week



Well, we’re back from Standon Calling… what a blast! After an epic 10.5 hour drive to get there, we zipped home in a leisurely 8 hours. Thanks everyone that came to see us. It was really fun being back at the festival and in the Autumn Shift tent which is the perfect mix of lovely people, chilled vibes and great music you’ve never heard before! (dunno how we sneaked in there then 😉 ).

There was some good music from bigger names, but bar our friends who play in Revere (they totally rocked out the Big Top on Saturday!) our faves were pretty much the discoveries made around the site – especially Official Burnt Toast (Insightful, provocative lyrics, two bass players, beats and catchy hooks and melodies), followed Sunday evening by Rad Orchestra, who had a really cool hazed-out world-y/funky mix going on.

Oh, and of course the Mexican wrestling… I mean, who doesn’t like watching grown adults in tight plastic pretend eye-gouging and the like! You can keep your reality TV, thanks very much.

One wee bit of news to finish this ramble…

Edinburgh Gig
Next Thursday, August 14, there’ll be a Fuzzystar show at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh, with a couple of new tunes and first outing with some new band buddies. We’ll be supported by Jamie Argo and Little Pebble on this inaugural outing, more info on the poster below or fb event here:

I’ll update/add a ticket link shortly.

Over and out…

// Andyx