Sparklehorse tribute update


What started as a conversation between two impatient Sparklehorse fans culminated in a tribute night that went hectically but by most accounts pretty well, even if we do say so ourselves. Filled to comfortable capacity and slightly beyond, a great atmosphere in The Wilmington Arms was the end result! – so thanks to everyone that came along to enjoy an evening of Sparklehorse and hear the many great acts and varied covers. We’re extra chuffed to report night was also a success financially, raising over £250 for Mind in honour of Mark Linkous.

Now, thanks to the artists, and Nick Fraenkel who recorded the night we have a (quite) rough and lo-fi room recording of the night for anyone that missed it or wants to try re-living any hazy memories of it at home. The vocals/mix are sometimes a bit wonky because of the sound mix needed in the room so it’s not always ideal listening material but will hopefully give you a nice wee snapshot of the night. We’ll also have versions of Jess’s covers to add to this soon too…

Feel free to add your comments on the night/performances if you were there, we didn’t really get much chance to chat properly with all the running around… thanks heaps for coming though!

Andy Tx + Jess Bx

p.s. Check out the picture of the ‘horse attendant’ on the door… I’m sure there’s a pun here we’ve missed. Foal to capacity perhaps? No, ok then…

It’s A Wonderful Night – A Tribute To Sparklehorse by sparklehorse

Jane looks after admissions...

Post gig: Andy, Jess and the horse.